About WSB

What is WSB?

West Stand Bogs (WSB) is a Community Trust set up with the intention of supporting Barnsley business and charities. We publish a quarterly fanzine and donate all profits from it’s sale to various charities and causes in the borough. Where possible we spend every penny in independent local businesses. In the long run we aim to become a fully recognised and registered charity.

What do we stand for?

Well, quite a lot.

  1. Barnsley. Our Town has been on it’s arse for many years through no fault of it’s people. We want to promote it’s positives but also look to help those in our Town who need the support.
  2. Supporter representation. Whilst we currently have a supporter at the top of our Club, we can’t guarantee this forever. We believe that supporter ownership and representation is the ideal model for club ownership. We are members and supporters of the Barnsley FC Supporters Trust and call on all supporters to join to give our collective voice greater volume.
  3. Our Community. We believe that our Football Club should be the focal point of our wider community and be used as a tool to bring us together.
  4. Safe standing. We advocate and support the calls for safe standing and we’re pleased to see the Club openly support the inclusion of safe standing at Oakwell were it to become an option and financially viable.
  5. Supporters rights. We are associate members of the Football Supporter Federation(The FSF) and support their various campaigns such as ‘Watching Football is not a crime’ and ‘twenty’s plenty’.
  6. Reasonable ticket prices. We think it costs too much to bring a family to Oakwell. Whilst ticket prices are relatively low in comparison to other clubs, our attendances show there is room for improvement to attract people back to watching our club. We should be attracting children and teenagers with reasonable prices to promote the next generation of supporters of our club.
  7. Our Traditions. We as a club, have over 100 years of history and traditions. We believe the club should recognise these, embrace and be proud of them and look to build any future success on the foundations laid before them.
  8. Anti discrimination. We support all anti discrimination campaigns in football and the club’s stance on anti racism.
  9. Other clubs who need our support. Sometimes, the game is too big to simply ignore a club because of petty rivalries. We support groups and causes such as ‘No to Hull Tigers’ and look to stand side by side in their campaigns to retain the heritage of their club.

What we don’t stand for/support

  1. The Conservative Party. The Tories have had a massive impact on our area, our town, our families and our game and almost all have been negative. This shouldn’t and won’t be forgotten.
  2. We don’t speak for all Barnsley supporters. Our views are our views and we often aim to start debate. You have the right to disagree too and feel free to tell us.
  3. ‘Tycoon’ ownership. We would greatly oppose any change of ownership at our Club that would threaten any of the principles we’ve listed above, regardless of the promise of cash or ‘progress’.

What happens to all the money?

Quite simply, it gets donated to worthwhile causes or used to support campaigns that we believe promote our key principles. We promise that wherever possible we will always use local Barnsley independent businesses for any services/goods.

At the end of each season we will publish the amount that has been spent and also raised by our Trust.

You reds.