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STARS – your very, very last chance…

Now then

First of all, thanks to all who have sent kind words about the Stars shirt. We’re more than chuffed with the quality & the amount flogging so many has made for our charities – thanks again.

However, we’d be lying if we were entirely happy. Afraid we fucked up – we advised plenty of you to order a size up as we believed the sizing to be a little smaller than normal. Now we’ve got them, we’ve realised that’s bollocks.

So – this is the Stars amnesty – we’re going to order some smaller sizes over the next couple of weeks. If you want to return yours then do so & we’ll get your name down for the size of your choice. If we can swap immediately, we will. If we can’t, you’ll have to wait until we get them back probably late November.

If you do want to return one, email us at

What this also means is that we are now opening up the chance to order a shirt, even if you missed out first time. All orders, be it new or swaps, will be put in on 1st November so you’ll have to wait until the end of that month to get yours – just think though, perfect Christmas present…

Nice one as always

Yours in shite football & these shirts being the only good thing in your Barnsley FC supporting life.