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‘In Loving Memory of Work’ – contributions required

We’re very pleased to say we’ve been approached by local award winning design Craig Oldham to help him with a book he’s currently compiling detailing the memories of the 1984 Strike from the people of Barnsley. See his note below – if you can help (and get back to him this week), please email

Firstly, thank you for agreeing to be involved and contributing to In Loving Memory Of Work. Your contribution is a big part of a book which aims to celebrate with pride the ‘voices’ of the working class and those who fought, stood together and endured the strike of 1984-85.

Below are a set of general questions around your experiences, memories and involvement in the strike. Please don’t take these too literally as they aim to be more provoking than prescriptive—so don’t feel limited by them—and the more you’d like to contribute the better and more grateful we will be. Feel free to use any language you see fit (which is a formal way of saying you can swear or use colloquialisms and slang if you like—we’d actually like that) and answer as you would in any conversation.

All in all, any stories, memories, anecdotes, or messages you may have or remember or anything that you feel or think that you’d just like to say, do just that.

And thanks again

  • How do you remember the time of the strike—what are your thoughts and what did the people around you (family, neighbours, community) think?
  • What events, incidents, memories of the strike are the most vivid in your mind?
  • What’s the fondest memory…?
  • What’s the worst memory…?
  • Although a time of great hardship, there are still many humourous memories, stories and anecdotes that have come from the strike. What, if any stories do you have or can you remember?
  • The strike had major effects on many thing, but one major factor was the role and perception of women in our society with Women Against Pit Closures and their front line activism. Were the major effects it had on you, on your community, on your society in your views?
  • What are your views and memories on the way the you / miners / your community  and the cause were portrayed by the media and the government at the time?
  • The strike saw a great explosion of creativity from many of the communities, families and individuals involved. People wrote songs, poems, stories, slogans, made banners, shirts, badges, posters, placards, sprayed walls, made objects, took photographs and made images. What do you think was the reason behind this? What—if you did—drove you to create similar things during this time?
  • What is the most lasting effect, in your opinion, that the miner’s ‘loss’ of the strike has had on the UK?

And if applicable:

  • Which pits did you work in?
  • Where did you picket during the strike?
  • How long were you a working miner?
  • After the strike did you return to work?
  • What would you have changed about the strike if you could?
  • How did you see your role as a striking miners wife?
  • Did you feel a sense of obligation to your community to engage (no matter how large or small an act) even though you were not directly involved in the strike?
  • What views and impressions of the strike do you hope your children have?



Calling any local youth groups or schools – free sports equipment


People are good, aren’t they?

We recently got a message from Netherwood School in Wombwell offering to donate to us various bits of sports equipment that they no longer needed – they’d seen our ideas of helping local groups and wanted to help us to do it. That’s nice, innit?

So, here’s the deal – we’ve got all this equipment below going free to any group in Barnsley that can make use for it. School, youth group, sports club – anything. Just get in touch with us at and tell us:

1. Where your group is based
2. The number of young people you work with
3. What this equipment will allow you to do

and we’ll be in touch shortly.

  • 2 x BBE Britannia Punch Bags – comes with wall bracket
  • 16 x Tennis Rackets – all need new grips
  • 1 x large crash mat (high jump landing mat)
  • 1 x High Jump Pole
  • 2 x High Jump Pole Holder with height measurement
  • 1 x Crash Mat
  • 14-16 Hockey Sticks – new grips required
  • 5 x Plastic Hockey Sets
  • 10 x Real (Old School) Javelins

You reds.

WSB – in partnership with Athersley Recreation FC

Now then.

We’re very pleased to announce a partnership with Barnsley’s best football team (that includes them down at Oakwell) Athersley Recreation FC.

We’re big fans of the work that goes on down at Sheerien Park (the cheap ale has nothing to do with it) and when we heard they were in the process of expanding their junior section, we wanted to help.

As part of our new commitment to provide opportunities through sport for kids in the local area we’ll be donating half of the profits from WSB5 to allow the fully qualified Rec coaches to run Saturday sessions for 3/4/5 year old boys and girls along with supporting their existing juniors of Under 7s/8s/9s & 10s.

In return for our support, all junior training gear will show the classic West Stand Bogs logo on the front which, I must say, looks absolutely mint and loads better than having FANTASTIC on shorts.


The Rec are very much a family orientated community club, one that has built over the last 30 years and through hardwork and dedication have become Barnsley’s most successful ever non league side. Not only are they successful, they understand the important role they play for the next generation of kids not only in Athersley but across Barnsley and we are thrilled to be a partner as they continue to go from strength to strength.

The first ‘Little Penguins’ sessions start this Saturday 26th July at 9.30 down at Sheerien Park – cost is just £1 for the hour. For more details follow Athersley Rec on Facebook.

You Rec.

WSB – 2013/14 accounts

Now then

As promised in our ‘constitution’, here’s a summary of our first year accounts to prove that money is actually going where I say it is and I’m not in fact pocketing the lot and jetting off to Sharm El Sheikh to live it up like Mido surrounded by sandwiches and laydeez.


In total, WSB income was £8,754.66 in the year 1st July 2013 to 30th June 2014 & was made up of:

  • Total magazine sales of £5,635.77 (including subscriptions)
  • Merchandise sales (including calendars, badges, stickers & tshirts) of £2,336.65
  • Advertising sales of £578.72
  • Other income including donations & raffles came in at £203.52

Our total outgoings for the year totalled £8,617.68 and was made up of:

  • Total donations of £4,325
  • Printing costs of £1,776.62
  • Merchandise production of £1,851.40
  • Postage (bastard Royal Mail) of £664.66

Excluding Royal Mail costs, less than £20 was spent outside the local area with all our merchandise & printing being produced by independent retailers.

These numbers exclude any subscriptions for next season.

So, that’s not bad is it? The plan is for us to raise even more next year through events & merchandise and, hopefully when the Charity Commission pull their finger out, grants and donations to the soon to be formed ‘WSB Trust’.

Thanks for your support last year, it helped a lot of people.

Yours in shit football