Monthly Archives: June 2014

Are you any good with a crayon? WSB/Barnsley Civic exhibition

I’m very pleased to announce that we’re looking to hold a very special WSB exhibition in partnership with our friends at Barnsley Civic. The theme is ‘working class football’ and we’re looking for local artists/musicians/poets/directors etc to get involved and help us.

Below is a brief that we’ve pulled together, if it sounds like something you reckon you’d fancy then email with a brief intro and some ideas.


As the eyes of the World begin to focus on Brazil you’d be forgiven for thinking football was just a means of selling razors & shampoo as the faceless multi nationals line up to put their name to our game and, perhaps more importantly, your money in their pockets.

But what does football mean in Barnsley? It means laiking with your mates, it means goalie when and heads and volleys. It means penny floaters and 24 a side on the Rec. It means everything.

We’re looking to put together an exhibition of images/videos & sounds that really represent football in Barnsley – real working class football. If you’d like to be involved, please let us know at so we can discuss your ideas.