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Advertising opportunities for 2014/15 – RT

Now then

Just like our first season, we’re offering local & independent businesses the opportunity to advertise in our magazine. As always, all money raised will help our fundraising and mean that we help even more people in our Town. Ideally our printing costs or at least the vast majority would be covered by our advertising which means for every sale the full £2 goes to our chosen charities.

We’re offering 8 pages of advertising this season in our minimum 40 page mag. Prices are below and includes:

1. Listings on our website (c200k hits per year)
2. Repeated mentions and links from our Social Media sites which at the time of writing have almost 3k followers and growing all the time
3. Ads in each of our 4 mags next season in which we’re anticipating to sell around 4k, excluding digital downloads.

We have available 7 out of 8 pages available – which we’re breaking down to:

3 x full colour  (inside back cover and 2 centre pages) – £140 each (£35 per issue, <4p per mag)
2 x black and white pages – £100 each (£25 per issue, <3p per mag)
4 x half page black and white – £60 each (£15 per issue, <2p per mag)

And as part of a benefits package for our subscribers we’re looking for local businesses who are willing to offer our subscribers (anticipated to be above 150 for the next season) discounts or special offers. If advertising isn’t for you but want to offer this in return for a mention in every mag and online please let me know.

Please email if you’re interested or feel you can help at all.





It was around this time last season that I got pissed up and asked on Twitter if anyone fancied helping me to set up a fanzine. That was during one of my favourite ever periods supporting Barnsley – a side that was quite obviously lacking in talent but made up for it in graft that resulted in that game at Huddersfield. We were overwhelmed by hope that after 5 or 6 years of stagnating we’d finally struck gold and had a man in charge that could build and lead us to some relative success (IE not being involved in a relegation scrap come April).

Fast forward 12 months. Footballing wise it’s as bad as it’s ever been, a season full of bullshit and mistakes by men that were being lauded as the New Era a short time ago and a season that should now be the catalyst for real change on and off the pitch. A season that could not have been better for a fat lad writing a fanzine. How can you write about a good football team? Must be shit.

However, in what has become my mantra, fuck the football. This idiotic pissed up idea has grown a pair of legs and ran like David Perkins double dropping bad gear. We started off hoping to flog 300 copies of WSB1, raise a few hundred quid for worthwhile charities & maybe even make a few people laugh. What we’ve actually done is flog almost 4000 mags, raised over £4000 for local cuases and spent thousands in local businesses to do it. I’m very proud of that. Pity no one has laughed but still, we’ve time.

As we enter pre season, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that has helped this year and that if you can help make this better, be it through advertising, support or simply ideas then please do get in touch via I would very much like this daft magazine to become a collective of people who have the interest of this town and our club at heart and use it as a means to make things better, however that may be. I’m aiming to turn this into a fully fledged charity in the near future too so if anyone can help in that I’d be very appreciative.

The best way to help us continue to make a difference around here is by subscribing to our mag for next year – you can do that here. We want to beat the 120 subscriptions we got last year and we’re well on course to do that. We’ve already hit 70+ and remember, the first 100 will get a limited edition WSB pin badge with their WSB5. Get in quick.

As an aside to our charitable efforts for WSB, a couple of us have set up A Northern Way. Again, the ethos is the same – celebrate the best of our town & use local businesses to invest back into Barnsley. We’ve got some exciting things lined up which we’ll be sharing shortly and we’ll also be offering all subscribers 10% off all orders.

Onwards and most probably downwards. You reds.

Dyson x