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Thank you

The morning after the weekend before and a time to reflect.

I wanted to say thank you to the group of special human beings that has supported it since that pissed up Twitter post a few months ago. To go from a hangover the size of Chris O’Grady’s vein to actually selling the fanzine yesterday was a special feeling and one I’m incredibly proud of.

The fanzine is meant to be something for the Town, an opportunity for people who have a desire and a passion for their Town to give something back. We can all complain about Barnsley, we all know it has it’s ills but this fanzine has proven to me that we have good, decent and honest people who will give their time, often neglecting their family, and money to support those less needy.  To see lads who have given hours of their time & written for us still buying one was incredibly  emotional for me.

Whilst charity is obviously the key beneficiary of what we’re doing, we know that local business are integral to us. We will continue to support them by offering opportunities to advertise but also by spending the vast majority of cash in our town. We know that for various reasons it’s been on it’s arse for years but the only way to change things is to do something about it, however small. We’ve got a fantastic opportunity to make a difference to those that need it more than us and with WSB we’ll always endeavour to do that be it through fanzines, merchandise or events. Every penny of profit will be donated to Barnsley charities. Every penny we need to spend we will try and spend in Barnsley too.

To save me rambling, I’ll leave it there. Selling over 400 copies in the first 2 days is fantastic – we’ve certainly over achieved, if you would. We know we can make some changes, we know we’re learning on our feet but we’ll continue to do that and hopefully add a bit of competitive edge to the local fanzine scene.

At the latest count we’ve raised around £600 for Barnsley Hospice. By the end of next week that will be much nearer to £1000. There’s only one word that comes to mind. Wow.

You Reds


PS – to summarise where you can buy the remaining few from:

Debut Records – Sold Out
Andy’s New – Sold Out
CAM Music – around 10
Old Number 7 – around 10
Originals – few left
Honeywell – around 10
Oakwell News – around 10
Athersley Rec – around 10

PPS – full house, ladies and gents.


Thanks to everyone who donated and bought a ticket, including the launch night we added an extra £218.34 to the pot for the Hospice.

125 year anniversary shirt – ticket 121-125
Paul Caton Prints – Chris Johnson & Jay Overend
Ian Parker print of your choice – Neil Hornsby
4 Limited Edition Barnsley FC 125 Year anniversay pint pots – Daryl Greensill
Ian McMillan books – ticket 161-165 & 81-85
Signed M Jonathan Lee book – The Radio – Mark Fisher
Signed Milly Johnson White Wedding Book – Becky Goldthorpe.

You reds.

Update – Issue 1 coming soon

Now then.

Rather than pestering folk on different sites I really should start to use this shouldn’t I?

A few updates:

Issue 1 will be on sale on Saturday 17th August, just ready for the Charlton game.
16th August sees our own launch night at The Old Number 7. Print out a poster here and spread the word but to summarise:

£2 entry or £1 with an old BFC shirt
Doors at 8pm
Live music from This Condition

Raffle prizes are below. Tickets can be bought on the night or here

Selection of West Stand prints from Ian Parker
2 prints of Bygone Oakwell by Paul Caton
Signed book by local author Milly Johnson
Signed book by local author Jonathan Lee
Signed book by local author Ian McMillian
125th anniversary shirt donated by the Supporters Trust

We’ve also got a few local businesses on board to sell it for us. Welcome to Oakwell News & The Honeywell boozer. Two fine local establishments.

After amazing initial interest we’re also upping our first print run to 500. All those that have subscribed will have theirs sent out on Thursday 14th so should arrive by the time you set off to the match on Saturday. Fanzines will be available at the launch night too. On the day of the Charlton game we’ll also be selling ’em opposite the school on Grove Street, under the bypass in Town centre and at the bottom of Oakwell lane.

Again, a big thank you to all that’s helped us get this far. Not long to go until you’re massively disappointed

You reds