Monthly Archives: July 2013

Real men piss against a wall (welcome)

Nar then.

In early 2013, one lad got pissed up and thought he fancied writing a fanzine. After a hangover of Marlon Harewood proportions he realised he was being a dick and left it.

Two months later, he got pissed again and mentioned it on Twitter. Seemingly many other pissed up idiots thought it was a good idea.

A little while later, that lad and three other lads met, got pissed and agreed to set up West Stand Bogs. And here we are. I’m sure you see a theme.

We decided that Barnsley FC needed a fanzine. That famous Barnsley wit/sarcasm/negativity needed an outlet beyond the likes of Twitter, Facebook & the BBS. That negativity and suspicion could be put to good use and benefit the wider people of Barnsley – West Stand Bogs is that outlet.

All proceeds/profits we make from this idea will go back into the Town of Barnsley – at the end of each season we will give all profits back to local charities. This might make us sound philanthropic (and that word might make us sound relatively intelligent but don’t be fooled) but it’s really just a back up so if it’s rubbish you at least done some good.

The support up to now has been unbelievable. Moving almost. But we need that support to continue and turn into money going to local causes.

You reds.